Richmond Hill, ON, May 13, 2018 – Mon Sheong Foundation hosted its 32nd annual Fun Run & Walk today at the Richmond Green Sports Centre & Park. Surrounded by the beautiful park, around 600 participants took part in the 5K Charity Run and 5K Charity Walk in support of Mon Sheong Foundation and to celebrate Mother’s Day.

Mon Sheong introduced Therapy Dogs, provided by St. John Ambulance, to the festivities this year. Participants were invited and encouraged to interact with the dogs. Mon Sheong currently invites Therapy Dogs to their Long-Term Care Centres as a way to provide comfort and unconditional love to their residents. There were also a lot of booths, ranging from game booths to massage booths, set up inside Richmond Green Sports Centre for participants to enjoy before or after their run or walk.

For anybody not taking part in the run outside of the Centre, they were also invited to try their athletic prowess at the annual three-legged race with a partner. Win or lose, participants took great enjoyment at the complimentary popcorn and cotton candy stand or at the many refreshments booths that were dotted around the Centre.

Celebrities took part in Mon Sheong’s annual Celebrity Wheelchair Challenge. This challenge was created to bring awareness to the difficulties wheelchair users have in their daily lives. An obstacle course was created for the challengers to navigate through in their wheelchairs, collecting balls as they go. These balls represent various monetary amounts and the winner of the Challenge is the one that collects the most “funds”. Challengers and audience members cheered for their teams, with laughter filling the air.