Building More Care in Stouffville


Building More Care in Stouffville

Mon Sheong Stouffville Long-Term Care Centre to be Operational Summer 2021

Stouffville, ON, November 13, 2020 – Under these unprecedented times, Mon Sheong Foundation still finds a way to give the community optimism. Bolstered by the knowledge of being featured in the Ontario Budget 2020’s Examples of Long-Term Care Development Projects, and being one of the largest brand new centres being built from the 2018 bed announcement, today, at the site of their Stouffville Long-Term Care Centre, the non-profit officially kicked off their “Because We Care” Campaign to fundraise $30 million. Tim Kwan, Chairman of Mon Sheong Foundation, Honourary Co-Chairs, Iain Lovatt, Mayor of Whitchurch-Stouffville, and Dr. Reza Moridi, Honourary Governor of Mon Sheong Foundation, announced the official launch and led a tour of the new facility.

With COVID-19 restrictions in mind, Mon Sheong hosted a socially distanced event, giving media an exclusive tour of the nearly completed Stouffville Long-Term Care Centre. The tour featured many innovative designs and amenities, showcasing a forethought for infection prevention and control. As one of the first centres to be in construction, Mon Sheong worked steadfastly through the pandemic and is projected to be one of the firsts, if not the only, long-term care centre to be operational next year.

Tim Kwan, Chairman of Mon Sheong Foundation, said, “I still remember when Mon Sheong Foundation was allocated 320 new long-term care bed licences in April 2018, with Dr. Moridi making the announcement. In less than a year, we had our groundbreaking ceremony and, in less than 20 months, we completed our roof topping this summer and we target to have the facility in operation by July 2021. I am also happy to share with you that this Stouffville Long-Term Care Centre will not only have state-of-the-art design, but also many innovative systems such as individual HVAC units in each room and common areas, infrared temperature screening system and much more. With these innovative infection prevention and control designs and amenities in place, we believe this new facility can be a model home for other long-term care facilities.

Mayor Iain Lovatt, Honourary Co-Chair of the “Because We Care” Campaign, said, “Mon Sheong Stouffville Long-Term Care Centre is going to create a fantastic impact on the Stouffville community and I am committed to its completion. Building Stouffville’s largest long-term care centre, with 320 care beds, creating 400 new jobs in the community and bringing excellent care to our seniors is just the beginning of Mon Sheong’s impact in Stouffville. I believe the Stouffville community can join me in welcoming and supporting Mon Sheong Stouffville Long-Term Care Centre.”

Dr. Moridi, Honourary Co-Chair of the “Because We Care” Campaign, said, “In April 2018, I made an announcement, on behalf of the Ontario Government, of granting 320 new bed licences to Mon Sheong’s new long-term care centre in Stouffville. I am thrilled to see the impressive progress Mon Sheong has demonstrated and honoured to be here to deliver more good news to you. The launch of the “Because We Care” Campaign begins here, with us. It begins with your support, with your time and energy, with your ability to care. We need to come together as a community, to give what we can, to provide our seniors with the care they need and deserve. I have committed myself to promoting the needs of this campaign, to engage and encourage the community to fundraise so that together we reach our goal of $30 million.”

Garth Low, President of Mon Sheong Foundation, said, “This campaign is called “Because We Care”, because we care about the services our seniors are receiving, because we care about our aging community, because we want to continue 50 years of excellent care in Stouffville. The excellent care starts with the forward thinking design and innovative features in our facility. We at Mon Sheong believe that our residents deserve the best, which is why we put in these design features to ensure residents will have the best living environment and care. “

To support the “Because We Care” Campaign and help more people receive the care they need, T&T Supermarkets donated $70,000 to Mon Sheong Foundation. Tina Lee, CEO of T&T Supermarkets said, “It is our honour to further extend our partnership with Mon Sheong Foundation to support the building of your fourth long-term care centre. T&T and Mon Sheong share the same value of commitment to excellence.  We believe that this state-of-the-art facility in Stouffville will provide a comfortable and safe environment for hundreds of seniors.  We are confident that Mon Sheong’s resident-focused care will continue to enrich the lives of our seniors.”

Mon Sheong Foundation will continue to seek community support to fundraise $30 million so that the Stouffville Long-Term Care Centre can be operational by summer 2021, providing 320 more long-term care beds to the community in need. For more information regarding the progress of the Stouffville Long-Term Care Centre and the “Because We Care” Campaign, please visit or call 1-866-708-0002.

Rendering of Mon Sheong Stouffville Long-Term Care Centre