Mon Sheong Youth Group develops leadership and cooperative skills among teenagers and young adults while promoting Chinese culture and fostering the values of philanthropy and volunteerism. We organize many events throughout the year to engage our participants, with our Youth Chapter (ages 14 to 17) and Young Leaders’ Chapter (ages 18 to 30) providing dedicated activities for high school students, postsecondary students, and young professionals. The two chapters meet regularly to contribute to Mon Sheong’s charitable projects in a spirit of fun, goodwill, and community.

Youth Group with people

The DiSCOVER program is a unique opportunity for students and young professionals. Held every other year, its enriching workshops, leadership retreat, and volunteer activities combine a deeper learning of Chinese heritage with extensive personal development.

The Development Challenge is designed for high school students who want to gain real life entrepreneurial experience through participating in a 10-month business challenge as a team. This challenge is a good opportunity for students to develop useful skills for running a successful business and for contributing to our charity for long term care centers and various community programs. Mon Sheong Youth Group has been hosting the Development Challenge for several years and many students have reported having positive experience with the challenge.

All high school students across the Toronto area are welcome to join the 2017-2018 Development Challenge. We are seeking enthusiastic and entrepreneurial students to participate in our business challenge.

Development Challenge 2017-2018

The 2017-2018 challenge is a 10-month competition designed for high school students looking to flex their creative muscles, explore entrepreneurship, and most importantly learn more about business, leadership and teamwork. Through collaborative research, analysis and organization, participating teams are tasked with putting together and executing a business plan.

The journey starts with the team proposal which teams must present to a panel of judges from the Mon Sheong Foundation. Then, pending approval of the concept, teams are given up to $1,000 CAD starting capital to take their proposal and have approximately four months to make it a reality. Throughout the Development Challenge, teams will be offered guidance by more experienced mentors.

Following the four months, half of the profit generated by each team is retained by the team as a reward for their success, while the remaining half is donated back to the Mon Sheong Foundation and goes towards supporting our many non-profit services including long-term care centers and various community programs.

The deadline for this year’s Development Challenge has now passed. Thank you to all participants for applying. Good luck in the competition!

One Day Speaker Series Workshop

The One Day Speaker Series Workshop took place on Saturday, December 16, 2017 at the Scarborough Long-Term Care Centre. The complimentary workshop featured high profile professionals from the former Mon Sheong Youth Group executive team, who shared their successful career stories and opportunities offered by the Mon Sheong Youth Group coming up in 2018.

Past Challenges

2015 Development Challenge

Scroll through the gallery on the right to take a look at the 2015 Development Challenge participants during their final presentation in front of a panel of judges. Participants were allowed two months for the challenge; plans ranged from a grass cutting business to a lemonade business.

Become a Youth Accessibility Leader! 

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