Legacy giving is a wonderful way to support us while attaining financial and tax benefits. A planned gift can be a significant donation you decide to make now or in the future, letting you play an important role in our work down the road. We recommend seeking the help of a financial, legal, or tax advisor to maximize the benefits of your gift.

A bequest is made by specifying an amount or a residual value in your will that you would like to donate to us. Your testamentary gift would enable us to expand much needed personal care for our beloved seniors, while playing a key role in transforming our Homes with creative initiatives to meet the needs of tomorrow. Your estate would also receive income tax receipts to help significantly reduce their tax burden.

To create a living legacy, nothing is truer than the gifting of your life insurance policy. It is a great way to generate material donations for our initiatives, with the resulting gift being much larger than you would think possible with such relatively small contributions toward the premium. Your periodic premium payments are also eligible for income tax credits associated with charitable donations.

Picture our senior residents enjoying the sunshine and warm breeze outdoors by the lake. The gifting of your publicly listed securities provides us funding that could be immediately used in our areas of most urgent need, like facilitating the operation of Private Care and planning extra outings for our seniors in the warm summer months.  The donation of securities yields double tax benefits; not only would you be exempted from the capital gains tax that would be payable if the securities were sold on open market, but you would also receive a larger income tax receipt for the full market value of the donation.

Setting up an endowment fund is the best way to generate income for our work, providing a steady stream of resources for a variety of initiatives, including scholarships for the young, special programs for the elderly, and modern equipment for the care of our residents.

By making a planned gift, you are planting seeds that will continue to help us fulfill our mission into the future. Please send us an email or speak with our Resource Development Manager at 905-883-9288 ext. 2406 to see how you can foster a loving legacy for generations to come.

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