At Mon Sheong, we focus our efforts on three areas of service based on our mission. Take a brief look at our work or click on each of our initiatives to learn about them in more detail.

Caring for the Elderly


Long-Term Care Centre

A caring, safe, and secure environment providing culturally suitable around-the-clock nursing care for seniors, the physically or mentally disabled, and those with dementia

Adult Day Program

Tailored weekday care to promote independence, health and wellness, and a positive lifestyle among eligible adults and seniors around the community

Mon Sheong Court

A warm, safe, and caring community that promotes an active, independent lifestyle for healthy seniors through extensive amenities, quality services, and enjoyable activities

Assisted Living

Support units that cater to seniors through the life lease system, providing daily meals along with a standard care plan and optional health services for supplement

Private Care

Long-term accommodation or short-term stays to provide seniors with premium total care, treating them with dignity and allowing them to enjoy a gracious lifestyle

Charity Care

An alternative service that enables seniors waiting for a long-term care bed, who demonstrate financial need, to receive appropriate medical and support services

Nurturing the Young


Chinese School

One of the largest private Chinese schools in Canada, providing enriching Cantonese, Putonghua, and mathematics instruction to over a thousand students every year

Youth Group

An engaging way to develop leadership skills, promote Chinese culture, and foster the values of philanthropy and volunteerism among teenagers and young adults


A unique program that provides youth with enriching workshops, leadership retreat, and volunteer activities that combine deep Chinese heritage learning with personal development

Golden Jubilee Scholarship

An award presented annually to students who demonstrate well-rounded excellence and aspirations to make real difference, empowering them to reach their full potential

Serving the Community


Community & Volunteer Services Centre

A welcoming place for our volunteers, Youth Group members, and seniors around the community to gather, socialize, and build meaningful friendships