The Mon Sheong Long-Term Care Centre is committed to providing a caring, safe, and secure environment for our residents while maintaining their rights and dignity. Our services are resident-focused, delivered in a responsible manner through best practices and in collaboration with community partners.

We are pleased to provide around-the-clock nursing care for 777 residents. Located in downtown Toronto, Richmond Hill, Scarborough, and Stouffville our four facilities provide quality care services for seniors, physically or mentally disabled individuals, and those with dementia. The staff and management of our homes meet regularly with our residents’ families to communicate and discuss the needs of our residents.

Our downtown Toronto, Richmond Hill, Scarborough and Stouffville Homes have received the Three-Year Accreditation from the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF), its highest level of quality care excellence.

Our Stouffville Long-Term Care Centre welcomed its first residents in October 2021. We are excited to provide quality long-term care services in Stouffville.

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Mon Sheong Long-Term Care Centres

Mon Sheong Foundation Home for the Aged

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Mon Sheong Richmond Hill Long Term Care Centre

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Long-Term Care Centre

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Long-Term Care Centre

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Long-Term Care Centre

Medical & Nursing Care: 24-hour professional care services

Medication Management: A centralized pharmaceutical system, with nurses administering drugs to ensure proper usage

Dietary Services: Chinese cuisine is served and special arrangements may be made for birthdays and other celebratory occasions; a dedicated committee receives suggestions from the residents

Recreational Activities: A wide variety of activities, including exercise, recreational classes, arts and crafts, music, Snoezelen therapy, and horticulture, are available to keep our residents healthy and engaged

Social Services: Counselling services available for residents and their families

Housekeeping Services: Seven-day cleaning, laundry, and maintenance services on site

Physiotherapy: Registered physiotherapists provide professional assessment and rehabilitation planning

Short Stay Care: Each of our Homes features one or two short stay beds, with stays limited to a maximum of ninety days per year

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According to the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care, applicants must:

  • Be age 18 or older
  • Have a valid OHIP card
  • Require 24-hour nursing care and personal care
  • Require frequent assistance with activities of daily living

Private rooms and basic rooms are offered. Semi-private rooms and double rooms (for married couples) are available according to the layout of the specific facility.

All long-term care accommodation costs are set by the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care and adjusted every July.

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Applications to any long-term care facility in Ontario are made through the local Home and Community Care Support Services. Applicants may indicate up to five facilities of preference. Once the Home and Community Care Support Services has approved the eligibility of the applicant, the individual will be included on the waiting lists of their chosen facilities. The Home and Community Care Support Services will then notify the applicant or their family members once a placement is available.

To contact your local Home and Community Care Support Services:

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the eligibility criteria for admission to a long-term care home?

To live in a long-term care home, you must:

  • Be age 18 or older; and
  • Have a valid Ontario Health Insurance Program (OHIP) card
  • Have care needs including:
    • 24-hour nursing care and personal care;
    • frequent assistance with activities of daily living;
    • on-site supervision or monitoring to ensure your safety or well-being;
  • Have care needs which cannot be safely met in the community through publicly-funded community-based services and other caregiving support; and
  • Have care needs which can be met in a long-term care home.

2. How do I apply to a long-term care home?

  • Mon Sheong Stouffville is open to eligible applicants from the community at large.
  • Applications for long-term care are made through your local Home and Community Care.
  • People living in the Central LHIN region, which spans Etobicoke, northern Toronto, York Region and South Simcoe County, can call us at 1-888-470-2222.
  • A care coordinator will:
    • Discuss your long-term care options;
    • Assess your health care needs to determine if you are eligible;
    • Help with the application process; and
    • Help identify homes that are appropriate for you.

3. Is the new Mon Sheong Stouffville open to everyone or just the Chinese Community?

Mon Sheong Stouffville is open to all eligible applicants from the community at large. So, anyone can apply.

4. I am currently waiting for a long-term care bed. How do I get on the Mon Sheong Stouffville waitlist?

  • A letter has gone out to all Central LHIN applicants who are waiting for a long-term care bed or currently in a long-term care home and waiting for other choices.
  • Applicants will have the opportunity to consider and add Mon Sheong Stouffville to their long-term care homes choice list.
  • Once we receive the updated choice sheet, your care coordinator will work with applicants and families to ensure their long-term care application is up to date.
  • Your care coordinator can help you if you have any questions.

5. When can I add my name to the Mon Sheong Stouffville waitlist?

  • The waitlist for Mon Sheong Stouffville is now open.
  • Call your local Home and Community Care to discuss your long-term care options and the application process.
  • Applicants must meet the eligibility criteria for admission to a long-term care home before they can be added to a long-term care home waitlist.

6. What are the types of accommodation that are available and how much does it cost?

  • Most long-term care homes offer basic, semi-private and private rooms.
  • I understand that the new Mon Sheong Stouffville will offer private and basic rooms when ready.
  • The Ministry of Long-Term Care sets all long-term care accommodation costs.
  • You can also speak with your care coordinator for more information on costs.

7. What if I am eligible for long-term care?

  • Once an individual has been deemed eligible for long-term care, your care coordinator will notify you and send your application to the home(s) that you selected. An applicant can choose up to 5 long-term care homes. Of note, if you are determined to be in the crisis category there is no limit to the number of waitlists an individual can be on.
  • Applications are then provided to the selected homes and the long-term care home decides whether to accept or reject applications.
  • Each long-term care home will review your application to determine if the home can meet your needs. Licensees can reject an application in cases where they do not have the appropriate physical facilities or lack the staff and nursing expertise to meet the applicants care requirements.

8. What if I am not eligible for long-term care?

  • If you are not eligible for admission to a long-term care home, your care coordinator will explain why your application was declined and help you find alternatives to meet your needs.
  • We will connect you with other home and community support services to help you stay at home.
  • If you disagree with the determination, you have the legal right to appeal. We encourage you to discuss the matter with your care coordinator.

9. How long do I have to wait for a long-term care bed to become available?

  • The wait times can range from months or even longer depending on the type of accommodation you choose and your care needs.
  • In general, priority on the long-term care waitlist is provided to those with the highest care needs.
  • An individual’s prioritization on a waitlist may change as a result of the addition of new individuals to a waitlist who have greater care needs and as a result receive a higher prioritization.
  • In addition, an individual’s own care needs may change which results in that individual’s reprioritization on the waitlist.
  • When a bed becomes available in one of your chosen homes, your care coordinator or placement facilitator will contact you.
  • You must make a decision to accept or refuse the bed within 24 hours of receiving the bed offer.

10. Who do I call for more information or to apply for long-term care?

  • If you have any questions about the long-term care application or placement process, call your local Home and Community Care at 1-888-470-2222 or 310-2222 (area code not required).
  • Again, that number is 1-888-470-2222 or 310-2222.
  • You can also visit our website at