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Part-Time, Bargaining Unit Position
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Mon Sheong Foundation is an approved participant in the Community Commitment Program for Nurses (CCPN). The CCPN provides a $25,000 incentive grant to eligible nurses in exchange for a 24-month commitment to an eligible employer. For more information on this program, please visit: HealthForceOntario.

Position Functions:

Assist and support Management Team of Nursing and Personal Support Care Services and all members of interdisciplinary Resident Care Team as needed in planning, implementing an ongoing evaluation of our resident-centred care model and humanizing environment, and allowing other staff, residents, families and visitors to become involved in the care components of our Home as they choose.


Under the direction of the Director of Resident Care or designate, registered nurse shall plan, delegate and supervise care provided by regulated and non-regulated staff in assigned Resident Home Areas (RHAs) are in accordance with the legislation and regulations of the fixing Long Term Care Homes Act and Standard of Practice of College of Nurses of Ontario.

Ensure and promote resident-centred care

Provision of resident-centred care and personal care services to meet the needs of residents:

  • Support, respect and help to promote Resident Bills of Rights in the Home.
  • Ensure, foster and promote the provision of resident-driven care and personal care services that reflect the values and preferences of the residents.
  • Ensure residents’ care needs are identified, planned and delivered by the interdisciplinary Resident Care Team meet individual’s physical, psychosocial, social, spiritual, cultural and ethnic needs and expectations.
  • Ensure the nursing plan, policy, protocol, procedure, strategy or system is in compliance with and is implemented in accordance with all applicable requirements under the Fixing Long Term Care Act , 2021Maintain a wellness perspective and a restorative approach.
  • Create opportunities for individuals to make choices and to take actions that will enhance the resident’s sense of mastery.
  • Create a comfortable and safe environment that provides opportunities for privacy, dignity, control and maintenance of resident’s personal style.
  • Ensure an environment with ambiance conducive and unobtrusive to the provision and practice of therapeutically effective resident health care.
  • Facilitate relationships between and among residents, relatives, staff and community.

Provide Leadership for Nursing and Personal Support Care

  • Lead the designated RHA Resident Care Teams to monitor and improve clinical care practices.
  • Provide supervision and direction for interdisciplinary staff within the designated RHAs of the Home.
  • Mentor interdisciplinary staff and act as a role model in nursing best practices.
  • Work in collaboration with registered practical nurses in planning, developing and evaluating nursing best practices.
  • Participate in the employee health program
  • Manage supplies and inventory control for the assigned Resident Home Areas (RHAs). Ensure adequate nursing supplies and equipment on RHAs, ordering if needed and ensure the proper and efficient use of supplies and equipment, and maintain equipment in good condition.
  • Responsible for planning, organising and chairing the resident care conferences of delegated RHA Nursing Team.
  • Participate in home committees and task forces to represent the RHAs of Nursing and Personal Support Services, and chair the RHA Nursing Team
  • Monitor, initiate and guide care improvements, and participate in nursing quality assurance program and continuous improvement projects.
  • Participate and support education and research.
  • Provide input in annual strategic planning to set goals and objectives for Nursing and Personal Support Services.
  • Display ability to team-build, lead, facilitate change and promote new ideas and be flexible.

Provide Effective Professional Nursing and Personal Care Practices

  • Participate as member of the interdisciplinary Resident Care Team.
  • Actively participate in admission, transfer and discharge processes of the assigned RHAs.
  • Ensure supervised RHA Nursing Teams provide professional and timely interventions to resident care issues as per Home’s policies and procedures.
  • Provide updated residents’ condition to attending physicians during their rounds.
  • Ensure the utilization of the nursing process by supporting and mentoring the clinical responsibilities of the regulated staff and nursing team as appropriate.

Support Effective Human Resources Practices

  • Ensure sufficient numbers of caregivers, as outlined in the master staffing schedule, to meet the needs of the residents.
  • Provide written staff assignment for resident care and review it regularly.
  • Monitor and evaluate the staff compliance with Home’s policies and procedures including position descriptions in designated RHAs.
  • Assist regulated and non-regulated staff to identify learning needs, participate in staff development including orientation, in-service, and continuing education, and ensure all nursing staff to participate in an annual performance appraisal.
  • Assume the role of preceptor in the professional development of new RNs, RPNs, PSWs and students obtaining clinical experience within the organization.
  • Ensure RHA staff to participate in appropriate home committees.

Ensure Occupational Health and Safety

  • Reinforce nursing staff with the necessary instructions/orientation regarding measures and procedures to be taken for their protection.
  • Conduct rounds and unplanned inspections of the nursing areas/ equipment, document and report unsafe conditions and ensure unsafe conditions are corrected.
  • Ensure the competencies of staff by monitoring nursing practices.

Provides for Effective Use of Material Resources

  • Oversee supply process on the assigned RHAs.
  • Provide education in the use of health-related equipment and supplies.
  • Collaborate with DORC, ADORC, medical staff and other healthcare disciplines and services to meet the residents’ health care needs.
  • Promote continuity of nursing care within the Home.
  • Promote professional communication through membership in nursing association and allied health organizations.

Maintaining an Appropriate Recording System

  • Ensure all nursing documentations meet the standards and regulations of the Fixing Long-Term Care Act 2021 and the College of Nurses of Ontario and the Home.
  • Oversee the documentation and recording system of assigned RHAs, maintaining confidentiality of information.

Maintains Registration with the College of Nurses of Ontario and Provide Valid Proof of Current Registration

  • Maintain registration
  • Submit the proof of annual registration to the Administration Assistant (Resident Care)/Nursing Clerk. Registration will be verified on the College of Nurses of Ontario website and then entered into Staff Schedule Care under Licenses in the HR Info Section on the Personnel screen.
  • Registration must be renewed annually. Receipt of payment will be placed in the employee’s human resource record.
  • Proof of annual registration is due January 1st of each year. If the certificate is not received by midnight of December 31st, the employee will be automatically suspended without pay until the certificate is received. In extenuating circumstances, an extension may be granted by the Director of Resident Care or designate.

Implement Infection Prevention and Control Measures

  • Ensure proper hand hygiene/appropriate use of PPE while attending to each resident on a daily
  • Implement universal  precautions  and  isolation  techniques  according  to  the  infection prevention and control policies and
  • Perform a point-of-care risk assessment before each interaction with a resident or his/her environment in order to determine which interventions are required to prevent transmission during the planned interaction

Other duties

  • As assigned by Director of Resident Care or designate.


Reasonable best efforts will be used to ensure the following qualification:

  • Current certificate of competence of Registered Nurse from the College of Nurses of Ontario.
  • Possession of valid CPR (Health Care Provider Level C/Basic Life Support) and First Aid certificates.
  • Certification in Gerontology and Current membership with GNA and RNAO is desirable.
  • Minimum of one year experience in geriatric, rehabilitation or long-term care preferred.
  • Willing to work shift duties (Day/Evening/Night) and weekends at a rotation basis.
  • Ability to discern relevant information to make effective judgement and decisions to manage care.
  • Ability to work as a team leader.
  • Demonstrate supervisory skills.
  • Demonstrate core competencies, i.e. customer services, continuous improvement, leadership and initiatives and team player.
  • Adhere to professional competences, i.e. caring and respectful behaviour, therapeutic relationship, clinical skills and knowledge, strong assessment skills, communication skills, conflict management skills and organisational skills.
  • Proficiency in oral and written English.
  • Cultural sensitive and ability to speak Cantonese/Mandarin in addition to English would be an asset.
  • Relevant computer literacy.

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