We recognize the significant impact of the COVID-19 outbreak can have on families. To help your child continue the habit of learning Chinese and make it a family activity, Mon Sheong Foundation Chinese School offers a FREE online learning program for our students during this special circumstances to enhance their language skills. Please refer to the attachment for access to the following courses:

We will distribute the online learning regularly to students to maintain their Chinese language skills.

chinese school online learning resources

For Cantonese Program:   Part 1 & Part 2

Cantonese Part 1


輕輕鬆鬆廣東話 Reading and Writing Exercise 


This website is designed by a New Zealand non-profit organization to offer support for English speakers to learn Cantonese. There are lots of worksheets for download and print.

天晴童謠 Sunshine Nursery Rhyme YouTube Channel


This YouTube channel contains a bunch of Cantonese nursery rhymes for your child to use his/her beautiful voice to practice singing some Cantonese songs. There are also some videos that teach children daily life general knowledge in Cantonese.

PS – L1

輕輕鬆鬆廣東話 YouTube Channel 


This YouTube channel offers videos that teach simple daily conversation and arts and crafts. There are also audio story books on this website, and there are both English subtitles as well as Cantonese Jyutping that go along with the audio story.

嘉芙姐姐 – 兒歌童謠 – 故事動畫https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZgs3pLaFisZ-TKVOwFEe8Q/videos

Looking for some great movement break ideas? This would be a great YouTube Channel for you. This channel also offers 25- minute Cantonese lessons that include a variety of topics in each of these videos. It is absolutely great fun for your child to learn about the world and Hong Kong through these videos!

L1 – L8



This website offers a new audio story clip once a day to help students practice their Cantonese listening skills. There are also a few questions that they answer after listening to the story to exercise their comprehension skills.

All Grade Levels

牛津大學出版社 Oxford Press Hong Kong 


Due to the increasing amount of school closures around the world, Oxford Press HK has released a variety of worksheets and online exercises for students to download. They have included learning resources for kindergarten learners to grade 6 students. The difficulty level for grade 6’s resources is suitable for L8 as well.

Cantonese Part 2

K1 – K2

奇音樂 奇世界 YouTube Channel
This channel contains a lot of sing-along songs for children to learn about daily life general knowledge through singing.

PS – L1

抗疫繪本 – 口罩下的微笑
This is a great picture book that helps your child to understand better about COVID-19, the importance of practicing self-hygiene and social distancing, and different ways to keep ourselves healthy during this unprecedented time!

Education.com – Chinese Resources
This website especially target students who are learning Chinese as a second language. It provides a bunch of worksheets that can be downloaded and printed for your child to practice reading and writing Chinese characters.

All Grade Levels

Interested in learning more about wild animals in the ocean? This would be a wonderful website for you to develop your interest about ocean animals! There are picture book stories, non-fiction books as well as some art and crafts activities for you to download. There are also some movement break videos where you can dance together with all the wild animals!

Putonghua Program

All Grade Levels

Mathematics Program

Grade 1

Topic: Telling Time

Telling time to the hour and to the half hour

Source: Copyright © 2005, 2018 – OnlineMathLearning.com
Telling time – How to read clock to the hour

Source:  Mr. R.’s Songs for Teaching
Telling time to the half hour

Source:  Mr. R.’s Songs for Teaching
Jack Hartmann – Hip-hop around the clock

Source:  Jack Hartmann Kids Music Channel

Grade 2

Topic: Measurement

Lesson: Measure lengths

Source: Copyright © 2005, 2018 – OnlineMathLearning.com
Lesson: Units of lengths

Source: Copyright © 2005, 2018 – OnlineMathLearning.com
Measuring length for kids – Measuring tools

Source:  Kids Academy
Measurement of length – Use of ruler – Metres and centimetres

Source:  iPrep Junior

Grade 4

Topic: Angles

Lesson: Types of angles

Source: Copyright © 2005, 2018 – OnlineMathLearning.com
Lesson: Measuring angles

Source: Copyright © 2005, 2018 – OnlineMathLearning.com
Game: Flip cards – Angle types

Source:  Copyright ©2000 – 2020, vBulletin Solutions Inc. XP
Video: Math Antics – Angle Basics

Source:  mathantics

Grade 5

Topic: Grid Systems

Lesson: Coordinate graphs

Source:Copyright © 2005, 2018 – OnlineMathLearning.com
Lesson: Coordinate system

Source: Copyright © 2005, 2018 – OnlineMathLearning.com
Videos: Coordinate plane and ordered pairs song

Source:  Math Songs by NUMBEROCK

Grade 7

Topic: Algebra: 4.2 Variables, Expressions and Equations

Lesson: Generating equivalent expressions

Source: Copyright © 2005, 2018 – OnlineMathLearning.com


Source:  © 2013 Common Core, Inc. Some rights reserved. commoncore.org
Lessons and videos: Khan Academy – The distributive property & equivalent expressions

Source:  © 2020 Khan Academy

Grade 8

Topic: Algebra: Evaluating and solving algebraic equations

Lesson: Linear and non-linear equations

Source:  © 2020 Khan Academy
Lesson: Solving linear equations

Source: Copyright © 2005, 2018 – OnlineMathLearning.com
Lessons and videos: Khan Academy – Equations with variables on both sides

Source:  © 2020 Khan Academy