Mon Sheong Foundation Receives 768 New Long-Term Care Bed Licences

Adding Three More Long-Term Care Centres to the GTA

Toronto, ON, March 19, 2021 – Yesterday, Ontario Long-term Care Minister Fullerton and Finance Minister Bethlenfalvy, accompanied by Minister Paul Calandra and MPP Christina Mitas, visited Mon Sheong Stouffville Long-Term Care Centre to announce that the Ontario government was investing $933 million in 80 new long-term care projects. Of the 80 projects announced, three of them, with a total of 768 long-term care bed licences, were awarded to Mon Sheong Foundation.

Tim Kwan, Chairman of Mon Sheong Foundation, said “We are so delighted to receive this news. We launched our 10-Year Development Plan on Senior Care Services back in 2018. The goal was to build 600 new long-term care beds in multiple locations across the GTA within 10 years. Receiving 768 long-term care bed licences has helped us reach and even surpass our goal much sooner than we could imagine.”

After the Ministers’ announcement, they were accompanied by Mon Sheong Chairman Tim Kwan, CEO Stephanie Wong, Ambassadors Joe Walsh and Lorraine Woo on a tour of the Stouffville facility. Slated to be operational by early July and started receiving applications on March 15, Mon Sheong’s latest facility impressed their guests by going above and beyond the requirements of Ontario’s Long-Term Care Design Manual, and ensuring that Infection Prevention and Control practices are held at the highest regard. This Stouffville home is the first newly built long-term care centre in Ontario since the government’s allocation of new bed licences in 2018.

Mon Sheong Foundation has been operating in the province for over 50 years. The 768 new bed licences are being split among Richmond Hill (288 beds), Markham (160 beds) and Scarborough (320 beds). Three long-term care centres will be brand new care facilities, bringing more specialized care for seniors with different levels of need. This brings the total of seven long-term care centres under Mon Sheong’s operation.

new bed announcement long term care

(1) Minister Fullerton (centre) is joined by Minister Bethlenfalvy (second from the left), Minister Calandra (second from the right), Mayor Iain Lovatt (first from the left) and Mon Sheong Foundation Tim Kwan (first from the right) during the press conference.

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(2) Mon Sheong Foundation Chairman, Tim Kwan (first from the right), and CEO, Stephanie Wong (second from the left), took Minister Fullerton (second from the right) and Minister Bethlenfalvy (first from the left) on a tour of the Stouffville Long-Term Care Centre.