While we are highly grateful for the significant gifts and pledges from our donors and corporate partners, we are also deeply encouraged by their trust in Mon Sheong and commitment to serve the community.

a couple smiling with food on table

Tang and Crystal Chow

“You’ve demonstrated an amazing ability to build a brighter and better future for our community.  What is important to us – Mon Sheong cares deeply for our seniors.  We hope our modest donation will make a difference in the lives of others.  We become stronger when we support each other.”
– Tang & Crystal 

a family portrait photo

Dr. Samuel Lam

“Everyone has a part to play in philanthropy, and now is the time to support Mon Sheong Foundation’s vision and leadership with your generosity and compassion. It is our turn to give back to our elders, whose hard work, sacrifice and love gave us opportunities to flourish and thrive. Building Mon Sheong’s fourth long-term care home is a worthy endeavour. Ellen and I encourage everyone in the community to be part of this momentous campaign.”
– Dr. Samuel Lam, Chairman Emeritus, Mon Sheong Foundation

four people holding a cheque

T&T Supermarkets

“It is our honour to further extend our partnership with Mon Sheong Foundation to support the building of your forth long-term care centre. T&T and Mon Sheong share the same value of commitment to excellence.  We believe that this state-of-the-art facility in Stouffville will provide a comfortable and safe environment for hundreds of seniors.  We are confident that Mon Sheong’s resident-focused care will continue to enrich the lives of our seniors. ”  
– Tina Lee, CEO of T&T Supermarkets.

with great grandma (2)

Benson and Jean Lee

“We’re proud to have joined the Mon Shoeng family as volunteers and donors in addition to being a resident’s family for 8 years, and be part of the philanthropic community helping to build new long-term care facility to serve hundreds of seniors. We are confident that Mon Sheong’s resident-focused care will bring a quality life to each of them.”
– Benson & Jean

Prof-Dr-Chow 1

Professor Leonard Chow and Dr. Theresa Chow

“Mon Sheong impressed us with their commitment and professionalism in serving the community. Through planned giving, we hope to support Mon Sheong’s Campaign and continuum of excellent care for seniors. We believe that giving is not only about the immediate, but also about providing the love and cherishing the people enough to plan for their wellbeing into the future.”
– Leonard & Theresa

We are pleased to recognize more than 7,000 supporters who have demonstrated their commitment to Because We Care Campaign with cumulative gifts from November 2018 to December 2023.


The Chau Family
Prof. Yung Leonard and Dr. Theresa C.B. Chow
Mr. and Mrs. Tang and Crystal Chow
Mr. and Mrs. Michael and Eileen Kong
Mr. Jason Wai-Keung Kwan
The Tsang Family
Concord Adex Inc.
MediSystem Pharmacy Limited
T&T Supermarket Inc.
Tat Yuen Development Co. Ltd.
The S E Lam Family Foundation

$50,000 to $99,999

Dr. James Chau and Dr. Christine Pun
Mr. Thomas Chau
Mr. Douglas Chau
Mr. Robert Cheung
Dr. K. Y. Chow
Prof. and Mrs. Bradley and Nellie Klump
Mrs. Sophia S. F. Lau
Dr. and Mrs. Edward and Jo-Cy Lee
Mr. Peter Wai-Wah Ma
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew and Judy San
HSBC Bank Canada
Metcalfe, Blainey & Burns LLP

$20,000 to $49,999

Ms. Ellen Y. W. Cheung
Ms. Amy C. S. Chong
Mr. and Mrs. F. Wah and Eva Chung
Mr. Sam Ciccolini
Ms. Bak-Yee Kam
Mr. and Mrs. Tim and Jane Kwan
Dr. Lap-Cheung Lee and Dr. Maria Sin
Mr. and Mrs. Chak-Nin and Irene Po-Wah Leung
Mr. Raymond Siu Wan Leung
Mr. and Mrs. David and Adda Li
Ms. Lisa Liu
Dr. and Mrs. Frederick and Noelle Lui
Mrs. Bernadette M. H. So
Mr. Kenny Wan
Ms. Siu H. Wong
Dr. and Mrs. Paul Tze-Suen and Lily Wong
407 ETR
Aqueduct Foundation
China City Inc.
Diva Construction Ltd.
Geri Health Home Care Inc.
Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office (Toronto)
J. Addison School Inc.
Lee Tak Wai Holdings Limited
Masters Insurance Limited
Midland Food Products Inc.
Motion Specialties Incorporated
Northern Narrative Inc.
Professional Carpentry Ltd.
RBC Royal Bank of Canada
Sing Tao (Canada) Foundation
Soil Engineers Ltd.
TD Bank Group
Urban NZR Construction Management Ltd.
York Physiotherapy And Wellness Centre

$10,000 to $19,999

Mr. Danny Kwing Au-Yeung
Mr. Dennis K. C. Au-Yeung
Mrs. Grace Chor-Yue Chan
Mr. Tony Tai-Kwan Cheng
Dr. Vincent Cheng
Mr. and Mrs. Tien-Ping and Wai-Yung Cheng
Ms. Suey-Long Chong
Mrs. Janet Chrupala
Mr. Francis Chu
Mrs. Josephine Chi-Fai Chung
Ms. Ying Duong
Mr. Christopher Shek-Hung Ho
Mr. Ralph Kar-Sun Hui
Mr. George Ku
Mrs. Connie Siu Ngan Kwan
Mr. Alan Kwong
Mr. Hue Vi D. Lam
Mrs. Mary Lau
Mrs. Woon-Kan Lee
Mr. Benjamin Man-Pan Li
Mr. Henry Ma
Mr. Jeffrey Mah
Mrs. Vicki Mah
Mr. Steven Menard
Mr. Joseph Tsang
Ms. Amy Oi-Mi Wong
Ms. Peggy Woo
Dr. Paul C. Y. Woo
Ms. Yan Chi Celine Yu
Dr. Michael T. C. Yu
Advanced Micro Devices Inc.
Best Deal Graphics & Printing Inc.
Cabana Excavation Ltd.
Century 21 Atria Anita Mui Realty Inc., Brokerage
Chen Lung Choy Family Foundation
Congee Queen Group
Connium Management Inc.
East Asian Internal Support Network
Fallsview Casino Resort
HUB International HKMB Limited
Kenny Wan Chartered Accountant Professional Corporation
Kingscross Motor Sports Inc.
Marli Mechanical Contractors Ltd.
Medline Canada Corporation
Menard Law Professional Corporation
Oxford Window Installations Ltd.
Palettera Inc.
Premform Limited
Private Giving Foundation
Salad King
Staff Relief Health Care Services Inc.
TFI Foods Ltd.
The Remington Group Inc.
Toronto Hong Kong Lions Club
Versace Toronto
York Central Chinese Canadian Association

$5,000 to $9,999

Mr. Ken Chan
Mr. Peter P. Chang
Mrs. Souk-Hing Chen
Mr. David Wai-Tung Cheng
Mrs. Vincenta L. Cheng
Ms. Mary King-Ngam Chou
Mrs. Elaine Kit-Yin Chung
Mr. Stephen T. C. Ho
Dr. and Mrs. Shung-Hay and Anna Ho
Mr. Joseph Ip
Mr. Stanley Kwan
Ms. Eling Kwong
Mr. Eric Chung-Ling Lai
Mr. Raymond Yun-Sang Lam
Mr. Harry Lao
Dr. Benson Lau
Ms. Marlina Lau
Mrs. Christina Miu-Yin Lee
Mr. and Mrs. Martin and Amy Li
Dr. Barbara Liu
Mr. Raymond Lo
Mr. Ernest W. Loch
Ms. Jan Jenny Ma
Mr. Probhash Mondal
Mrs. Cecilia L. K. Ng
Ms. Yu Lan Su
Mr. Francis Tsui
Ms. Teresa Kit-Yi Wong
Ms. May K. Wong
Mr. Joseph Wong
Mr. Peter Woo
Bedrock Financial Group Inc.
Bell Canada
BentallGreenOak (Canada) Limited Partnership
CANACHI Led Display & Lighting Solutions Inc.
Canada-HK New Horizon Lions Club In Trust
Canadian Guardians
Chan & Co. Professional Corporation
Charlie’s Meat And Seafood Supply Ltd.
Chinese Cultural Centre of Greater Toronto
Colliers Macaulay Nicolls Inc.
Convergence Health Care Solutions Inc.
E-Tech Electrical Services Inc.
Foresters Financial
Fritz-Alder Precast Services Ltd.
Guelph Medical Imaging
Icarus Developments Inc.
Icke Brochu Architects Inc.
Italian Canadian Savings & Credit Union Limited
Jade Construction Group
Lee Tak Wai Foundation
Ocean Packers Inc.
Outstanding Teenager Leadership Foundation
Patterned Concrete Ontario Inc.
Peter P. Chang Professional Corporation
Petit Potato
Shing Fai Woodworking & Renovation Ltd.
Standirect Kitchen Appliances Corporation
Stubbe’s Precast
Sunny Group – Head Office
The Light Foundation
University of Toronto
Urban Broadview Construction Management Inc.
Wang Zhendong Holding Corporation
Willow Springs Winery
Winford Windows Inc.
Winver Financial Services Inc.

$1,000 to $4,999

Mrs. Heidi Au
Mr. Ming Au
Ms. Emily Y. C. Auyeung
Mrs. Eva Boey
Ms. Doris Chan
Ms. Grace Kam-Yau Chan
Mr. Louis Chan
Ms. Yuk Bing Chan
Ms. Christina M. Chan
Ms. Sau Chun Chan
Mr. Isaac Chan
Mrs. Anna Mo-Yuen Chan
Youn-Wah Chan
Ms. Pamela Chan
Ms. Bonnie Chan
Mr. Wing-Tai Chan
Mr. David T. W. Chan
Mr. Dominic Chan
Ms. Wai-Chun Chan
Ms. Vivian Chan
Ms. Susan K. Y. Chan
Mr. Peter Y. Y. Chan
Miss Rebecca Chau
Ms. Kitty Ying Chau
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Chau
Mr. Binh N. Chau
Miss Amy Chau
Ms. Julie Chea
Mr. Song Chen
Ms. Dorothy Shu-Hsi Chen
Ms. Sophia Chen
Dr. Chee-Wai Cheng
Ms. Sofia C. Cheng
Ms. Sau-Lai Cheng
Mr. Clarence Cheng
Mrs. Barbara Cheng
Mrs. Mable Cheng
Ms. Sandy Cheng
Mr. Anthony Cheung
Mrs. Ivy Cheung
Mr. Wai-Chan Cheung
Mr. Benny Kung-Wing Cheung
Ms. Jennifer Cheung
Miss Katherine Cheung
Ms. Connie Chiang
Mr. David Chiang
Mr. Clifton Chin
Ms. Amy Chin
Mr. Michael Ching
Ms. Susana Chiu
Mr. Jim Chi-Yeung Chiu
Mrs. Georgiana Chiu
Ms. Mable Chiu
Mr. Eric Cho
Mr. Stephen Choi
Ms. Sonja Chong
Mr. Gene G. Chong
Mr. Jonathan Chow
Ms. Caprice Chow
Dr. Victor D.W. Chow
Ms. Stella Wing Chow
Mr. Antonio Wai-Cheuk Chow
Ms. Minnie Lai-Seung Chow
Mr. Peter B. Choy
Mrs. Mary Y. Chu
Mrs. Yung-Ni Chu
Mr. Paulo Chu
Ms. Shui Yueh Chu
Mr. Victor Chuang
Ms. Amy Chui
Ms. Sharon Chung
Mrs. Shirley Chung
Mr. G. Michael Chung
Ms. Pauline Chung
Mrs. Clara Kiet-Linh Chung
Ms. Lilian T. F. C. Chung
Mrs. Pauline Con
Linh Dang
Mr. Jeff Davis
Ms. Can Diep
Ms. Hui Ding
Ms. Le Van Duong
Mrs. Frances Fan
Dr. Yan Feng Fan
Mrs. Philomena Fong
Mr. Sze King Frankie Fong
Mr. Chi-Wing Fong
Mr. James Fong
Mr. Brian Fu
Mr. Patrick Tze Kwai Fung
Dr. Paul K. Fung
Mr. Hoa Giang
Mr. Dick X. Gong
Mr. Xiao Hua Gong
Ms. Joanna Ha
Ms. Eleanor Hai
Mr. Alan Ho
Ms. Wanda Ho
Mr. Kwong Tso Ho
Ms. Helen Ho
Mrs. Lynn Ho
Mr. Frank E. Holmes
Mr. Ivan Hon
Mrs. May Hoy
Ms. Suzanne Hoy
Ms. Shirley Hoy
Mr. Da Shing Hsu
Ms. Helen Huh
Mrs. Lanny Hau-Yuk Hui
Mr. Daniel Hang-Yan Hui
Ms. Elaine Hui
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Hing-Chung Hung
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Hung
Mr. Patrick T. H. Hwang
Mr. Wing-Shing Ip
Ms. Amy Ip
Ms. Barbara L. Jackson
Ms. Anita Jay
Mr. Jason Guang-Bo Ji
Dr. Alan K. Joe
Ms. Caldora Kam
Ms. Genie Gayeon Kim
Mr. Stanley Kwan
Mr. Kelly H. Kwan
Mr. Peter Kwan
Mr. Eddie Sik-Kuen Kwan
Ms. Elissa Kwok
Mr. Raymond Kwong
Ms. Christine Kwong
Mr. & Mrs. Johnny & Ruth Kwong
Mr. Chiu Kwong
Ms. Anna Kwong
Mr. Alex Lai
Mr. Cyril Lai
Mr. Shu-Wing Lam
Mrs. Annie Chi-Sum Lam
Mr. David Lam
Ms. Rosemary Lam
Ms. Maggie Lam
Mrs. Rowena Lam
Mr. Ray Lam
Mr. David Lam
Dr. Michael Yung-Chee Lam
Mr. Hunter Lam
Ms. Mindy Lau
Mr. Kin-Fai Lau
Mr. Gin Zon Lau
Ms. Philoria Lau
Mr. & Mrs. Alexander H. & Goretti Lau
Mrs. Gemma Lau
Mrs. Sue Sui-Pik Lau
Mr. Paulus Lau
Ms. Sandie Wai-Fan Law
Mr. Larry Law
Mr. Richard Lee
Mr. and Mrs. Benson and Jean Lee
Dr. Kai-Hung Lee
Ms. Yvonne Lee
Mr. & Mrs. Peter & Helen Lee
Ms. Edith Lee
Mr. Ling Quen Lee
Dr. Lilian Lee
Mr. Edwin Lee
Mr. Calvin Leung
Dr. Albert Leung
Ms. Eumie Yuen-Ming Leung
Mrs. Betty Leung
Mr. and Mrs. Roger and Tanse Leung
Mrs. Diana Leung
Mr. Bede H. F. Leung
Ms. Katherine Li
Mr. Tom Li
Ms. Christina Man-Lai Li
Mr. Shun Xing Li
Ms. Ping Li
Ms. Sung Tin Sau Li
Ms. Winnie Liang
Mr. Laurence Jian-Heng Liang
Ms. Lisa Q. C. Lin
Mr. Albert Lin
Mr. Henry Dao-Xin Lin
Mr. Lincoln Lin
Ms. Siu-Wah Ling
Mr. Kam-Cheong Liu
Mrs. Jane Fong-Cheng Liu
Mr. Ernest Liu
Mrs. Winnie Lo
Mr. and Mrs. Man Hop and Miranda Lo
Ms. Jaycee Lo
Mr. Stephen Sek-Tin Lo
Ms. Ngan-Ying Lo
Ms. Evelyn Lo
Mr. Selwyn Lo
Ms. Sue Lok
Ms. Wailan Low
Mrs. Eliza Luhur
Ms. Amy Lui
Ms. Belinda L. K. Luk
Mr. Frank Luk
Dr. Ford Luk
Dr. Clement Lung
Ms. Kitty Linh K. Luong
Mr. Louis Ma
Mrs. Shirley J. Ma
Ms. Cherry Mak
Mrs. Linda Mak
Dr. Victor Mak
Mr. Chris Yu-Tai Mak
Mr. Chi-Tak Mak
Mrs. Diana Mak
Mr. Michael Mandatori
Dr. and Mrs. Allan and Christine Moon
Ms. Diane Yingha Mui
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Ng
Mr. Chung Wah Ng
Ms. Carmen Siu-Wan Ng
Ms. Karen Sau-Kei Ng
Mrs. Helena O’Connor
Mr. Willis Or and Ms. Isabella Chan
Ms. Rebecca Hsiao-Sung Pang
Mr. Kenneth Pau
Mr. Norman Phan
Ms. Irene Phan
Dr. Douglas Pon
Mr. Eric Pun
Ms. Angela Qi
Ms. Mee Quan
Mr. and Mrs. Hang-Ching and Wat-Long Quan
Mr. Nestor Repetski
Ms. Wendy Seto
Mrs. Mimi Yuk-Ping Shew
Lee Q. Shim
Mrs. Patsy Shuk-Wah Sie
Mr. Raymond Sin
Mrs. Betty Sin
Ms. Kitty S. M. Sit
Ms. Susan Sit
Mrs. Margaret Sit
Mr. Charles Kam-Por Siu
Mr. Stephen So
Mrs. Sau-Chun So
Mr. Charlie Stratton
Mr. Robert Sum
Mr. Samuel Sum
Mrs. Carmen Ka-Mun Sun
Ms. Wendy Tai
Ms. Amy S. Tam
Mr. Chi-Tat Tam
Ms. Susanna O. P. Tam
Ms. Rosita Tam
Mr. Edmund P. H. Tang
Mrs. Luong Tang
Ms. Leah Taylor Roy
Mrs. Teresa Tazumi
Mr. Chen-Ya Tien
Mrs. Betty Ting
Ms. Mary Madgalene C Y To
Mrs. Irene Y. S. To
Mrs. Mai Que Trac
Mr. Trung Tran
Mr. Jeff C. S. Trinh
Mr. and Mrs. Clement and Sheila Tsang
Ms. Sandra Tsang
Mr. William Tse
Mr. Sam Tse
Mr. Kenneth Tse
Mr. Simon K. Tse
Mrs. Lorraine Varga
Mr. John Vigna
Mr. Man-Sang Wah
Mr. Joe Walsh
Ms. Jasmine Wang
Ms. Anita Wang
Mr. and Mrs. Wilfred and Ivy Wei
Mrs. Janet Kam-San Wong
Mr. Tak-Cheong Wong
Ms. Susan Yuen Wong
Ms. Margaret Wong
Mr. Victor S. Wong
Mrs. Betty Wong
Mr. Nelson Wong
Mr. Edmond Wong
Mr. Chun C. Wong
Mrs. Diana Pak-Cheung Wong
Ms. Teresa Wong
Ms. Lai-Ha Wong
Ms. Joyce Ching-Wah Wong
Ms. Hannah Jane Wong
Mr. Eric Wong
Mrs. Stephanie Wong
Mr. Geoffrey Wong
Ms. Lily K. Wong
Dr. Elaine Woo
Ms. Wai-Kwan Wu
Mrs. Miriam Wu
Mr. Alwin Wu
Mr. John Chak-Fung Wu
Ms. Diana Chak-Mei Wu
Mrs. Bing Wu
Ms. Irene Xie
Mr. Mustafa Yacoob
Ms. Annie Yan
Mr. Peter Yeung
Mr. Augustine Cho-Hang Yeung
Mr. Peter Yeung
Ms. Carmen Yeung
Mr. Paul Yeung
Ms. Rita Yim
Ms. Mabel Yip
Mr. Johnny Yiu
Mrs. Joyce P. Young
Mr. Samuel Yu
Mr. Karl Yu
Mr. Bobby Yu
Mr. Tinald Yu
Mr. Ze-Liang Yue
Mr. Simon Yuen
Ms. Lulu Yui
Ms. Ida Yung
Ms. Yvonne Yung
Ms. Yuet-Ming Yung
Mrs. Wai-Lan Yu-Sin
Mr. Kenneth K. S. Zee
Miss Mandy Zhang
Ms. Linda Li-Jun Zhang
Ms Hai-Ying Zhao
Ms. Li-Wen H. Zhou
Mr. David Zigelstein
Mrs. Jean Lai-Kuen Zou
APMG Professional Corporation
Arbor Memorial Inc.
ASK4CARE Support Services Inc.
BA Muskoka Consulting Ltd.
Best Choice Express And Delivery Limited
CASA Deluz Banquet Hall
Certas Home and Auto Inc.
Chapel Ridge Funeral Home Inc.
Chinese Artists Society of Toronto
Chung Kin Carpets Ltd.
CI Investments
Classic Tile Contractors Limited
Deer Run Physiotherapy Clinic Inc.
Dixon Chung & Co.
Drumstick Plus Creatives
Durham Contracting Inc.
Dyversity Communications Inc.
Ecolab Canada
Edward G. Wong Law Corporation
Fidelity Investments Canada ULC
Fong-Lam Homes Fund
Fu Kwong YWCA
Galleria Supermarket
Google LLC
Greenview Investments
HC Realty Group Inc., Brokerage
IA Clarington Investments Inc.
ICAC Consulting Inc.
Innocon Partnership
K.O. & Partners Ltd. Consulting Engineers
Larkin Architect Ltd.
Lobster Port
Mandarin Restaurant Franchise Corporation
Mann Engineering
Markham Centre Realty Inc.
Middlefield Group
NOIC Academy
Novatrend Engineering Group Ltd.
O Mei Restaurant Ltd.
Pacific Insurance Broker Inc.
Radiance Mortgage Brokerage Inc.
RBC Dominion Securities Inc.
RBC Royal Bank of Canada
Roch Capital Corporation
Search Realty Corp.
Sun Life Financial
The W.P. Scott Charitable Foundation
Tri-So Property Services Ltd.
Uptown Painting Contractors Ltd.
Urban Canwell Construction Management
York Region Condominium Corp. No. 890
Yu Engineering Inc.

Mon Sheong Foundation strives to record the names of donors in an accurate and complete manner. If we have inadvertently omitted or misstated your name, please let us know of the correction by contacting Shirley Tam in the Office of Donor Relations, 905-883-9288 ext. 2008 or shirleytam@monsheong.org