Celebrate the Year of the Dragon at the Lunar New Year Market Mon Sheong Youth Group Applied their learning to realise their vision

Mon Sheong Youth Group held the Lunar New Year Market Celebration at the Mon Sheong Community and Volunteer Services Center in Scarborough on February 4, attracting more than 700 people from neighbouring.  Many government officials including MP Paul Chiang, MP Jean Yip, MPP Billy Pang, MPP Aris Babikian Deputy Mayor Michael Chan, Regional Councillor Alan Ho, Councillor Amanda Yeung Collucci, Councillor Ritch Lau and Councillor Isa Lee attended the opening ceremony and commended the members of the Youth Group for their efforts and sent early good wishes and greetings for a Happy Lunar New Year to the public.

Many stalls were set up in the Mon Sheong Community and Volunteer Services Center. These included handicraft, packet soup sampling and other Lunar New Year-related stalls.  Furthermore, there were also game stalls, Chinese and Western music performances, and instant photo-taking services on site.  Renowned calligrapher and painter Zhang Shaoming also did impromptu calligraphy of Hui Chun (auspicious slogans for Lunar New Year) for charity sale, etc.  The event also featured a lucky draw with fabulous prizes, each worth over $50, sponsored by the stall owners. The event was fun-filled and full of joy.

Mon Sheong Foundation Volunteers and Youth Group Committee Co-Chairs Tak Wong and Amy Tam expressed their sincere gratitude to Royal Bank Foundation for their funding in support of our youth development activities. They commented, “Last year, Mon Sheong Youth Group received funding from Royal Bank Foundation to organize a six-month elite leadership training program titled ‘Youth Empowerment Leadership Program’ whereby young members underwent a series of Leadership and Event Management training since their last summer vacation. Meanwhile, they also assisted in the preparatory work and on site management of large-scale events held by Mon Sheong Foundation. With the help of mentors, they planned this Lunar New Year’s Eve Market and applied the knowledge they gained from the training.

During the planning process, young members learned problem-solving skills which we believe will be very beneficial to them for their work in the future and in event management. The creative concept, poster design, marketing and publicity of this Lunar New Year Market event were all planned by members of the  Leadership Training Program members under the guidance of their mentors.”

Young people aged 16 to 30 years old are welcome to join the Mon Sheong Youth Group and registration is free.  For youth who would like to learn more about the leadership training, volunteer service opportunities, seminars and workshops, dragon boat team and monthly board game gatherings provided by the Youth Group, please visit the website www.msyg.ca, or contact Ms. Tam by email at msyg@monsheong.org