Stouffville, ON, January 29, 2018 – Today, Mon Sheong Foundation broke ground on their fourth long-term care centre. Mon Sheong is one of the very first organizations to begin construction of a long-term-care facility since the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care granted new bed licences in April 2018. This new 320-bed home will become the largest long-term care centre in Stouffville, which is scheduled to be completed by end of 2022. It will be providing the community with more senior care services and creating over 400 new jobs. Close to 100 guests joined Mon Sheong’s Board of Directors as they braved the cold to celebrate this purposeful project.

Mon Sheong Foundation announced their 10-Year Development Plan on Senior Care Services last January. This plan involved providing 600 new long-term care beds in the GTA. In April, the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care awarded Mon Sheong 320 new long-term care bed licences. Now, just one year after the announcement, Mon Sheong is ready to build a six-storey home for these 320 beds. To build this Stouffville facility, approximately $80 million is required. Currently, they are looking to raise $30 million for the first phase of the project.

Tim Kwan, Chairman of Mon Sheong Foundation, said, “Exactly a year ago, Mon Sheong announced our 10-Year Development Plan on Senior Care Services. Here we are today, breaking ground on our fourth long-term care centre. With a facility of this size, we are looking to employ a large number of staff. We will be working closely with town council to promote a local employment strategy. We are looking forward to providing services that are suitable for the Stouffville community.”

Both MPP Paul Calandra and Mayor Iain Lovatt expressed their excitement during the event. They mentioned that they were looking forward to Mon Sheong joining the Stouffville community and the impact they will have on the community.

Stephanie Wong, CEO of Mon Sheong Foundation, said, “The facility is situated in an excellent location, right in the middle of a growing hub of Stouffville, with the Town Office just up the street from us.” Wong said, “The facility will be a six-storey, 320-bed long-term Care centre. After its completion, it may very well be the largest long-term care facility in the Town of Stouffville. We are confident that very soon, we will gather together for the roof topping ceremony and are very excited to become a part of the Stouffville community, working with and for the community.”

Both Kwan and Wong mentioned that this plan was developed to combat the global aging phenomenon and Mon Sheong’s rapidly growing waitlist. As of today, there are over 5,000 people on the waitlist for Mon Sheong long-term care homes. Since government funding does not begin till after the first resident moves into the facility, a large fundraising effort will be necessary. The capital campaign for this project is in the works and will be launched soon.