Continue Our Excellent Care for Seniors in Stouffville

Since day one, taking care of seniors has been one of Mon Sheong Foundation’s primary missions. Our three long-term care facilities are home to 457 residents and there are near 6,000 people on the waitlist.

“Mon Sheong is doing our part to ease the pressure of aging for the seniors in need and the people around them.”  – Tim Kwan, Chairman of Mon Sheong Foundation

To address the huge demand, Mon Sheong has developed a bold and inspiring vision that encompasses 600 new long-term care beds in 10 years and started building a new 320-bed, state-of-the-art facility in the vibrant and growing town of Stouffville in 2019. This facility will have amenities that will truly make it a safe and comfortable home for our seniors.

Because We Care Capital Campaign

Continue our excellent care for seniors in Stouffville.

We care, because our seniors deserve the best in long-term care. Our campaign goal of $30 million is the largest in Mon Sheong’s history, and we need your generous support more than ever to make it happen.

building in front of a pond

Building A Home
In Stouffville

This six-storey, 320-bed home is open to everyone in need of long-term care, regardless of their cultural heritage. With 320-beds, this is Stouffville’s largest long-term care centre. The facility is designed with forethoughts on infection control and comfort for our seniors.

Without you, we would not have completed the project by 2021, and would not have welcomed 320 seniors who desperately need long-term care.

Thank you for all of your support!

Examples of the state of the art designs and amenities are:

individual HVAC system

Individual HVAC System

Individual HVAC system: each room and common areas will have their own individual HVAC system for heating, cooling and ventilation. Fresh air is taken from outside, through the window and exhaust air will leave directly from that room, lowering the chances of cross contamination and infection from air-borne viruses.

infrared temperature screening system

Infrared Temperature Screening System

Infrared Temperature Screening System: a group temperature scan where everyone will have their temperature taken without having to stand still. With this, the facility can monitor health conditions, preventing the spread of illness.



Robots: two types of robots will be used at this facility. One will help staff with routine work, such as disinfection of the facility. The second will be used to keep our residents socially engaged and physically active.

Opening in 2021

May 2021 update

To learn more from our Chairman, Tim Kwan

August 2020 update

The Progress

We thank all the supporters and the construction team for their effort in building the new long-term care centre in Stouffville.Make a donation to help complete this project